Episode 114 Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM



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In this episode, Jim speak speaks with Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM, author of “Behind the Old Face – Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom” . CLICK HERE to learn more.

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The Nurses Station, Episode 40, Interview with Author Kelli Dunham, RN

The Nurses Station…A Podcast for Nurses by Nurses

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Host Jim DeMaria speaks with author, comedian and nurse, Kelli Dunham. She’s an author of four humorous non-fiction books, and a gently edgy comic who can entertain folks at Citibank corporate headquarters one day and make the attendees at the Beltane Pagan Sexuality Conference laugh the next. Her writing has been syndicated nationally, received several Vice Versa awards and is regularly featured in Curve Magazine. Her Fresh Fruit award-winning comedy has been seen at colleges, clubs, women’s festivals and pride celebrations nationwide as well both on the Showtime Network and the Discovery Channel. CLICK HERE to visit Kelli’s site.

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The Nurses Station, Episode 10…Authors Susan Keane Baker and Leslie Bank




















Welcome to The Nurses Station, a podcast “By Nurses and For Nurses”.




This week, host Jim DeMaria speaks with Susan Keane Baker and Leslie Bank, co-authors of “I’m Sorry To Hear That…” Real Life Responses to Patients’ 101 Most Common Complaints About Health Care.

From the patient’s perspective, a complaint about healthcare or service is an urgent statement of fact. “I am here where I don’t want to be,” “I am frightened and unsure what will happen next,” “I put my trust in you, and now something is wrong,” or “How can I be sure I will be okay?” When you respond to a patient’s complaint, you are responding to the patient’s sense of helplessness and anxiety. The service recovery scripts offered in this book can help you recover a patient’s confidence in you and your organization.

About the Authors

Susan Keane Baker is the author of Managing Patient Expectations: The Art of Finding and Keeping Loyal Patients. She has spoken on service quality for health care organizations and associations in 47 states. Her professional experience includes seventeen years in Vice President positions at hospitals in New York and Connecticut. For seven years, she directed the Quality Initiatives Program for a national PPO with 19 million members. She is a Commissioner on the Connecticut State Commission on Medicolegal Investigations. In 2008, Susan served as a member of the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Leslie Bank is Director of Customer Service at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York, a large multi-hospital health care system where a service excellence philosophy is fostered and sustained. She has worked as a “change agent” for over three decades, always aiming at assuring the patient’s voice is heard in all aspects of care. Leslie was named “The Mother of Patient Friendly Billing” after her experience in billing reform following a New York Times Op-Ed Editorial entitled: “My Golden Hernia.” She has authored two commercial customer service videos and has received national awards for patient satisfaction improvement.

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The Nurses Station, Episode 3–“Nurses as a Political Force”

Janis Breen is on assignment so Jim is joined by BullsEye Johnny of “In No Particular Order” podcast. How will the upcoming election effect the nursing industry? Are our jobs “recession proof”? Can we muster enough of us together to make a difference? Post your comments here or email us at info@renalcarerns.com

Introducing “The Nurses Station”–A Podcast By Nurses/For Nurses

Welcome to the blog dedicated to a special podcast called “The Nurses Station”.  Our bi-monthly show is hosted by Jim DeMaria, BSN, RN and Janis Breen, RN. We discuss anything and everything affecting today’s nurses. Nothing gets sugar-coated here. Just straight talk from two nurses that have been around the block.  We encourage our listeners to write in with questions and feedback. We’ll be happy to share your thoughts with other listeners.  The Nurses Station is not just a show–it’s a platform for all nurses to share their experiences. You can visit us here each week for show notes or just to leave a comment. And remember to tell your nurse friends about us and let them know they can subscribe to the show for free right here, at the iTunes Store, or at most of the popular podcast directories. Together, we can make beautiful music!