Episode 53, Family Nurse Practitioner, Peggy O’Donnell

The Nurses Station–A Podcast for Nurses by Nurses.

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In this episode, host Jim DeMaria speaks with Peggy O’Donnell, ANP, BC, MS, RN.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 53, Family Nurse Practitioner, Peggy O’Donnell

  1. I am so glad that Peggy O”Donnell who is a nurse practitioner was able to do a podcast of this kind. I am a nurse practitioner myseldt, a nurse for 38 years and a nurse practitioner for 5 years. I have never lost my enthusisam for healthcare and now I love it even more. Now I can even make that much more of a difference in medicine and proud to be a nurse at that. Thanks for extending yourself to the public! Mary Lawrence

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