The Nurses Station, Episode 32, Dr. Janice Preston

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In this episode, host Jim DeMaria speaks with Dr. Janice Preston, Ph.D, RM, RN, and Chair of the Department of Nursing at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences. She has been a faculty member at the College since 2004. Dr. Preston received her doctoral degree from the University of Virginia.

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3 thoughts on “The Nurses Station, Episode 32, Dr. Janice Preston

  1. Thank you Dr.Janice Preston’s interview. She was exquisite. Her insight into the wholeness of mind, body, spirit, is so necessary for the health of our planet, and she was thoughtful and on point with her response to the health reform question. Dr. Preston “ROCKS.” She probably recruited dozens of people to her program with her eloquent professionalism, spirituality, and grace.

  2. This interview was informative, thoughtful, and intelligent. Dr. Preston has a pleasant warmth and speaks with a respect for her colleagues, staff and students that is an attractive model to those seeking an education in a caring profession. I’ve forwarded the link to some friends including a couple of pre-nursing students. Mr. DeMaria is skilled in drawing out his guest in a conversational style that engages the listener. Please keep the interesting interviews coming!

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