The Nurses Station- Episode 1, “Are We Allowed To Die?”

Welcome to the podcast by nurses/for nurses. Episode 1–“Are We Allowed To Die?” explores the issues surrounding DNR and how it relates to the nursing industry. Send us your thoughts at  This podcast is a two-way street. Click here to subscribe. It’s free! 

Introducing “The Nurses Station”–A Podcast By Nurses/For Nurses

Welcome to the blog dedicated to a special podcast called “The Nurses Station”.  Our bi-monthly show is hosted by Jim DeMaria, BSN, RN and Janis Breen, RN. We discuss anything and everything affecting today’s nurses. Nothing gets sugar-coated here. Just straight talk from two nurses that have been around the block.  We encourage our listeners to write in with questions and feedback. We’ll be happy to share your thoughts with other listeners.  The Nurses Station is not just a show–it’s a platform for all nurses to share their experiences. You can visit us here each week for show notes or just to leave a comment. And remember to tell your nurse friends about us and let them know they can subscribe to the show for free right here, at the iTunes Store, or at most of the popular podcast directories. Together, we can make beautiful music!